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Have you ever noticed that easy money doesn't exist? What does exist, however, are many opportunities to earn money, substantial sums of money, which, with the right preparation, hard work and support are the true ways to true success. Setting up your own independent consultancy practice could be one such way for you.

Established during the recession of 1984 as the Institute for Independent British Business, it wasn't until 1991 that the IIB had created, developed and proven the success of the unique Consultancy Business Development Programme™ (CBDP) with methodology by which experienced business executives could provide practical advice that works™ for small to medium sized enterprises. Since that time nearly 6,000 executives from more than 35 countries have graduated as accredited Associates of the Institute. As with any certification, our graduates have gone on to use their accreditation in one way or another, usually to develop their own individual consultancy practices, independent of the Institute, but well supported through the global IIB Alumni.

But beware!! Building one's own business is not for the faint hearted, the Institute can not and will never guarantee success — simply because the Institute is not and can not be responsible for how you run your business. The IIB provides the framework, advice and proven methodology, but without your commitment, self belief and hard work you will join the ranks of those less successful few who chose not to implement the IIB methodology — as, of course, they are entitled to do. As with any higher educational programme, after graduation your level of success is up to you.

Perhaps you are reading this with a view to assessing your chances of success as a professional business consultant. To help determine whether you are right for this type of enterprise and also whether you have the right level of experience to be a part of this exclusive Community of IIB Associates, the Institute offers a wide range of assessment tools. Do take the time to check the first of these— Career Choices for mature executives. <hyperlink>http://www.iib.ws/ExecutiveCareerChoices.html<hyperlink>

For more about the CBDP why not go to www.business-executives.com
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