About Us


The Institute for Independent Business has Associates working in over 40 countries and is an extensive global network, enabling access to these resources to provide support and services to our Associates and their clients,

Established in 1984 as the Institute for Independent British Business, the Institute was established to help Managing Directors / Owners (MDOs) of independent businesses - the majority of whom were asking for guidance and assistance.

To enable effective support, in 1991 the Institute created the Consultancy Business Development Programme™. This enabled those trained and accredited to start and build their own successful consultancy practices. The IIB Business Support Programme™ was introduced connecting the network of accredited Associates to provide practical advice that works™. The varying needs of MDOs were satisfied by the skills and experience from specialists. Accredited Associates also benefited (both for themselves and their clients) by becoming part of this exclusive network.

Since 1995, as the Institute for Independent Business International, the network of accredited Associates, (IIB Alumni™) has been operating in over 40 countries supporting Managing Directors and Owners of independent businesses around the world.

Research carried out by the Institute and supported by numerous other academic institutions has highlighted the lack of independent and practical advice available to small and medium sized businesses. Building, running and growing a business is very challenging - and MDOs often find themselves immersed in areas for which they do not have the right skills or resources.

The Institute supports these business needs by selecting, training, accrediting and facilitating a growing network of IIB Alumni around the world. Accredited by the Institute, they independently deliver the support needed.

Graduating from the Institute's residential training and becoming part of the network of accredited Associates, IIB Alumni are encouraged to collaborate and develop by the Institute. IIB Alumni are however operationally by Associates for Associates. This is a phenomenal and exclusive resource of talent, specialist skills, information, contacts and support for independent businesses and their owners.

Thousands of experienced executives from every type of business discipline have been trained by the Institute and help small to medium sized businesses. Only accredited Associates within the IIB Alumni™ are qualified to provide the unique and highly successful IIB Business Support Programme™ to independent businesses.