IIB Coaching Support Programme™

There is a growing need in business, both large and small, to measure the performance of the people in an organisation. Ground-breaking research and study into human performance over the last three decades has shown the need for practitioners who understand and maximise human potential. The Institute recognised this need and has responded by developing the IIB Coaching Support Programme™ - specifically to meet the needs of large, medium and small businesses alike.

The Institute has expanded its education programs with the Executive Coach Business Development Programme™, and IIB Coaching Support Programme™ methodology, to meet the needs of executives of large corporations and HR (Human Resource) Directors, as well as independent business owners.

The executive coaching model developed by the Institute is customised to meet the requirements and objectives of each client or coachee, on an entirely individual basis.

The IIB Coaching Support Programme™, like the IIB Business Support Programme™ is based on a highly successful and proven methodology from which countless businesses and their owners and employees across the world have benefited. In order to determine if a company or business qualifies for such support, a meeting is arranged by an accredited Associate (either an Executive Coach or an Executive Associate), with the Managing Director, Owner or Proprietor, to confidentially discuss the opportunities and challenges facing their business. The first meeting is free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever - it is a private meeting with a senior business professional accredited by the Institute, to review all aspects of their business.

For coaching requirements, at the conclusion of that meeting, the accredited Associate may recommend specific solutions, coaching or training programs that will address the human performance needs of that organisation. In many instances business leaders recognise some or a number of areas in which support is needed and so the accredited Associate will call on specialists within the IIB Alumni™. This is the wider community of experienced executives around the world who have graduated from one of the Institute's education programs and has been accredited by the Institute to apply the relevant methodology to help solve specific issues.

This way, practical advice that works™ can be made available to assist executives of large corporations, HR Directors, as well as independent business directors / owners in virtually every way possible.