Business Support Programme

IIB Business Support Programme

The Institute developed the IIB Business Support Programme™ specifically to meet the needs of independent businesses. The type and level of support needed within the IIB Business Support Programme™ is customised to meet the requirements and objectives of each individual business.

The Programme is based on a proven model from which countless businesses across the world have benefited. In order to determine if a business qualifies for support, a meeting is arranged by an accredited Associate with the Managing Director/Owner/Proprietor, to confidentially discuss the opportunities and challenges facing their business. The first meeting is free of charge and there is no obligation whatsoever - it is a private meeting to review all aspects of their business.

If any ideas or improvement areas are immediately identified the accredited Associate may be able to point the business in the right direction for assistance there and then. In many instances the businesses recognize a number of areas in which support is required and the Associate will call on specialists within the wider community of Associates accredited by the Institute to help solve specific issues.

This way practical advice that works™ can be made available to assist the owners and directors of small to medium sized business in virtually every way possible.