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The IIB University is re-launching

A new lineup and a new approach to the online learning environment of the IIBU.

Linden Dyason is working with IIBU’s CEO, Gene Paplanus to incorporate IIBU’s graduate level content into the new structure.


The 2015 IIB annual international conference held on the 9th November at the Hilton Hotel proved a great success.
Plans for next years event are underway.


The Institute for Independent Business (IIB) was founded in 1984 initially as the Institute for Independent British Business to provide practical advice that works™ – useful information and hands on help for the independent business sector.

The Institute was conceived as a single reference point for independent business to access a diverse range of expertise and impartial advice on the key aspects of management required to maintain and grow successful businesses.

A monthly publication, Small Business Today, initially provided the information for the independent sector, then in 1985 a system called the Hot Line Advisor Scheme was launched. The Institute developed this to support businesses with free telephone advice on almost any business topic from accountancy to warehousing, from experts within the Institute network.

Research into the changing needs of independent businesses led in 1991 to the introduction of the Consultancy Business Development Programme™ (CBDP). This unique educational training provides suitable executives having extensive business experience, with a framework and methodology (the IIB Business Support Programme™) for advising and supporting independent businesses.

To date thousands of executives operating in over 40 countries have graduated from one of the IIB Residential Business Schools, part of the Consultancy Business Development Programme™, to become accredited Associates of the Institute for Independent Business. The Institute also facilitates Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Associates through ongoing regional, national and international workshops, forums, webinars and conferences.


IIB research

Please follow this link to see the results of the survey taken in late 2011by IIB Associates worldwide where the following questions were addressed

  • Do SME’s have an exit plan
  • How many MDO’s discuss exit plans
  • How many SME’s are family run?
  • How many SME’s are left to family members

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